According to a recent Forbes article, Telehealth is on the rise. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic solidified its need, 22 percent of physicians had already facilitated at least one telehealth appointment. 

Despite the familiarity of some physicians, the pandemic left many physicians and offices scrambling for a solution. While it’s great to have lots of time to vet the best platform available, finding a solution that can be set up and running fast is essential during a time like this. 

PEG Benefits offers a Telehealth solution, as well as a Remote Patient Monitoring solution. Remote Patient Monitoring encompasses Telehealth as well as remote data capture. It can also facilitate data review, and allow timely management of the patient conditions. Both systems can be set up quickly and easily to have you up and running as soon as possible. 

While some practices are slow to adopt these new technologies, citing the pandemic isn’t a permanent state in healthcare, it is important to note that patients enjoy the ease of Telehealth, so the trend isn’t likely to fade any time soon. 

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