In a recent seminar by Employee Benefit Advisor, a panel of experts discussed what has changed in a Post-COVID landscape. Here are some of the trends you can expect:

Wellness and Prevention

Considering those most at risk for CoronaVirus are people with pre-existing conditions, it’s more important than ever to prevent them from happening in the first place. Wellness programs, well checks, and other programs explicitly targeting staying healthy will be on the rise.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental care will be increasingly more critical. COVID-19 may continue for some time, and dealing with issues related to isolation and anxiety will be critical. There will also be a drive to help people resist unhealthy coping mechanisms surrounding food, alcohol, and inactivity.

Measuring ROI

New programs and policies will be held to the test by ensuring that they can be measured against the bottom line for return on investment. 

For more information, please visit Employee Benefit Advisor and listen to the full seminar.