Curious about the trends in employer-sponsored benefits? According to Benefits Pro, here are the trends of 2019. How does your company stack up?

Diversity in Plans

More and more, employees are given the option to choose from a variety of offered healthcare plans.

Further customizing the employee benefits experience, some employers are starting to give a core medical plan along with a budget of discretionary funds. Those funds can then be used to choose “add-on” coverages to build a customized solution that meets the treatment plans they desire.


High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are being offered by more and more companies. And, healthcare savings accounts are now being offered at 51% of all companies.

Voluntary Benefits

With high deductible plans becoming the norm, voluntary benefits are being offered frequently as a way to fill the perceived gap in coverage.


There continues to be a high focus on wellness with employers trying to offset the cost of benefits by keeping their workforce healthy. Additionally, rewards such as reduced premiums or HSA account contributions are often being offered for healthful metrics.

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