Disability Advocacy Service (DAS) provides employees with an alternative to an expensive LTD policy. DAS serves as a great compliment to a Short-Term Disability (STD) program. When combined with STD, DAS helps provide comprehensive long-term income protection for an employee.

Long-Term Disability alternative:
A 30-year old worker has a 33% chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age and roughly half of all working-age people with a disability are under the age of 50.

Many Americans who earn less than $60,000 per year are primary wage earners to their households. If their incomes are lost, the impact can be detrimental. Yet many wage earners in this income bracket do not have access to, or cannot afford, a Long-Term Disability (LTD) policy to ensure their families are protected..

Have a look at what we provide
We offer a product that provides companies, organizations, and municipalities with an alternative to an expensive LTD policy for their employees and serves as a great complement to a Short Term Disability and/or Critical Illness policy by extending the value for certain conditions by providing long-term income security. This is a way for individuals to gain access to long-term income and health insurance (Medicare) by obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for qualified individuals, which is a benefit everyone who pays FICA taxes earns.

In contrast to a conventional LTD policy, which only offers replacement of income for full time employees, DAS offers income replacement (through SSDI) plus healthcare coverage (through Medicare) and the low subscription fee (about 25% of LTD premium) covers the subscriber, spouse and dependents. Subscriber can be full time, part time and/or seasonal.

This is a cost effective alternative to conventional Long Term Disability Insurance.  Beneficiary receives Certified Advocate to obtain Social Security Disability Income and Medicare for health insurance in event of qualifying disability.

Value Proposition: Making Long-Term Disability coverage available to full time, part-time and seasonal team members on a cost effective basis, frequently 80% less than conventional LTD.

Who Can Benefit? Any self-insured health plan, fully insured plan, any employee (no underwriting, no excluded occupations), associations, and groups.