Our team brings together a unique blend of expertise in the field of End Stage Renal Disease management.  Our partners bring over 100 years’ experience in all aspects across the ESRD spectrum, providing comprehensive consulting and management services to the Renal Disease Industry.

Our extensive knowledge in servicing renal care providers generates optimal results for our clients while delivering cost effective utilization of resources.  Each member of our organization specializes in a critical aspect of clinical operations making our organization the only one in the industry with a level of skills unmatched by any other.

We ensure governmental compliance within End Stage Renal Disease regulations.  Our commitment is to continuously ensure your financial stability without compromise.  Our vision delivers the highest quality of service, maximizes profits, and engages in forward thinking, building an environment of synergistic relationships.

This service transfers primary for healthcare costs for ESRD patients to Medicare from health plan. It also reduces claims costs borne by health plan.

Value Proposition: The service captures significant claims costs associated with expensive ESRD population and transfers to Medicare and obtains reimbursement for prior claims paid by plan that are responsibility of Medicare.

Who Can Benefit? Any self-insured health plan.