This service provides a reduction in readmissions for hospitals and surgery centers.

Benefits of Partnership

  • 24/7 access to a patient advocate
  • Decrease Case Managers workloads; relieving numerous follow up calls, and freeing time for one-on-one patient consultations
  • Strengthen continuity of care by enhancing communication
  • Simple, one-stop-shopping; patients obtain total access for all medical concerns, receiving prompt direction, compassionate care, and complete satisfaction
  • Patient PAL™ provides cost effectiveness by:
  • Reducing readmission rates
  • Addressing medical concerns early; proactive instead of reactive
  • Keeping cost of services down by verifying all services and appointment are within network

Readmission Reduction Plan

  • Expedite contact with patient s within 24-72 hours post discharge
  • Explains Patient PAL™ services to the patients and emphasize the importance of calling us with any questions or concerns they may have
  • Inform the providers and hospitals of each interaction and issue a monthly report
  • Schedules all needed appointments ensuring the provider of services is within network
  • Review with the patient and secure comprehension of:
  • Degree of illness
  • Medications and effectiveness of compliance
  • Any DME needs or other services as needed
  • Stressing the importance post discharge testing procedures
  • What to do if a health or medical problem arises
  • All discharge instruction
  • Establish that the patients understand the importance of participating in the management of their disease state
  • Importance of a support system and provide encouragement

This service streamlines the discharge process and works to prevent readmissions. Hospital patients are contacted after being discharged and receive assistance with discharge instructions, getting and taking prescriptions, follow up appointments, and other issues to increase patient satisfaction and decrease readmissions. This results higher reimbursements from Medicare and other payers. Information on each patient is provided to hospital and doctors.

Value Proposition: Patients receive phone calls from nurses to help them manage their situation to achieve better health and to reduce readmissions.  Hospital receives higher reimbursements and avoids costly readmissions (no reimbursement).

Who Can Benefit? Any hospital