Provides Employees with a Health Care Advocate 24 hours a day 7 days a week! We are focused on providing our clients and their family members (regardless of participation in the health plan) with expedited access to health care services. We assist with many health care issues that may arise unexpectedly or navigating chronic care conditions. Through the process we have the flexibility to work both with In-Network and Out-of-Network providers. This service allows your employees to become good consumers of healthcare which in turn saves employers on their overall healthcare spend.

Helping patients with:

  • When diagnosed with a catastrophic illness and need to get to a specialist immediately
  • Family member requires around the clock supervision and needs admission to an assisted living facility
  • Employee/Family member needs a second opinion for a rare and complex medical condition and requires access to the top national medical providers and centers of excellence.
  • Employee has an accident while vacationing out of the country and needs to be airlifted to a trauma center without delay.
  • Hospital bill review from an out-of-network provider that needs expedited financial resolution
  • End of life services assistance
  • Ensure transfer of medical documentation and test results to a consulting physicians appointment
  • Assist in finding doctors and diagnostic testing
  • Assist with errors in claims, correct any balance billing issues, negotiate out-of-network deals

These are a few examples of how we can assist your employees!

With Patient Concierge Service, plan beneficiaries have access online and personal contact to a Concierge that helps them understand insurance policies, medical procedures and prescriptions as well help securing appointments and understanding the healthcare landscape.

Value Proposition: Agnostic to carrier, plan and networks, helps patients make the best choices by understanding the landscape and how to make healthcare decisions, increasing patient health and decreasing costs.

Who Can Benefit? Any self-insured health plan, fully insured plan, or any individual.