Prescription Card

We serve as a Pharmacy Benefits Administrator (PBA), rather than a Pharmacy Benefits Manager. The concept is to provide transparent benefits administration, significantly lowering the cost for all clients. As a PBA, we negotiate the deepest possible discounts we can with the pharmacies, and pass the savings directly on to the cardholder, plus we receive a professional fee from the pharmacy only when the cardholder saves money at the pharmacy.

We guarantee that cardholders always receive the lowest possible price for their medication at the pharmacy whether that is their insurance copay, the pharmacy price or our RxCut discounted rate. RxCut cardholders can use our web based pharmacy search engine or call our toll free number anytime to find the lowest price.

  • Free, just print and use, no pre-approval needed
  • Available to anyone, regardless of age, income, citizenship or health insurance status
  • This card can be used immediately by the entire family
  • Works for all FDA approved medications – brand and generic
  • Provides savings of up to 94% off retail costs (Avg 42% or $34.00)
  • No deductibles and no maximum benefit limit
  • The card can be shared with anyone and can be used an unlimited number of times

The Prescription Drug Card lowers the cost of prescriptions, and can be used even if patient is covered by health plan with Rx benefits. Simply provide drug name and dosage and location (either online or over the phone) and select pharmacy of choice.  Comparing pricing to Rx Plan and choose what is best/more cost effective.

Value Proposition: The card is free to use and lowers prescription costs.  It also helps those without RX plan and helps lower Rx costs to health plan.

Who Can Benefit? Any self-insured health plan, any full insured plan, any individual.