Recently, we got a call from a gentleman whose wife is severely ill with multiple health issues. The husband is out of work and his wife has not worked since March 2013. The bills are piling up and the health care costs are staggering. Neither has or could afford LTD insurance, and the wife is only 45 years old and will never return to work. The family is in trouble but the husband purchased DAS within the last few months before being laid off.

This family filed for SSDI back in 2014 without having DAS and were denied at the application phase due to improper paperwork completion.

DAS covers the employee and the spouse, offers a grace period and waiver of fees in the event the employee is out of work or is in the process of filing for Disability, and it even covers appealing an SSDI claim if the employee signs up for DAS after they file their application!

We will win this case for this family and they will receive an income and health care (Medicare) to assist in the costs for the wife’s treatment.

Think about this case as you’re speaking to your clients. If they cannot afford LTD or it is not offered by the employer, what would your clients do if they were faced with this same horrible situation?

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