Disability Advocacy Service – Large or Small, It’s a Fit for ALL

DisabilityAdvocacyServiceDisability Advocacy Service is a one of a kind non-insurance service. DAS is a way for individuals to gain access to long-term income and health insurance (Medicare) by obtaining a social security disability insurance (SSDI). This low cost service can either be employer or employee paid, and you do not have to have LTD or STD in place.

DAS has proved itself as a viable alternative to costly LTD policies from 3 to 1,000 employees, but what about the really big accounts of 100,000 or more? Yup – fits perfectly in those cases as well. Here’s how:

Large retailers (you know who they are) have a workforce that does not have many benefits. Whether they are an online ordering company, a consumer electronics manufacturer or big retailer, they are all looking at improving their employee’s experience. Turnover at these places hurts when they have semi-skilled good employees they want to keep but move on in search of better benefits.

DAS is being looked at as a very inexpensive employee incentive in many of these large corporations! LTD policies are next to impossible to afford (unless you are in management in these firms) and targeted low cost benefits are being sought to enhance and maintain the workforce.

Look at your book of business. I am sure you have some larger accounts that do not buy, cannot afford or even be underwritten for LTD. DAS is a perfect fit!

We can work with brokers to provide further information to their clients, or we can work directly with employers.

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