MaximizeYourResourcesPart3In the last post we talked about three more ways you can work on maximizing your current resources:

  • Reveal your business’ soul
  • From breaking even to breaking the bank
  • Stand up and stand out

Today we’ll talk about the last three areas you can work on to maximize your current resources:

  • An offer they can’t refuse
  • Would you like fries with that?
  • Stay away from the edge of the cliff

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

The secret to success is to stay ahead of your competitors – maintain the competitive edge. To do that you need make it easier for your customers/clients to say “yes” rather than “no.” Do this by eliminating all the psychological, financial, physical, and emotional road blocks along with any other barriers they may have.

You can take the risks for your clients by offering warranties and guarantees that make them feel more confident in you, your business and your products/services. You must be serious about your offers and follow through if the situation does arise. The quickest way to the bottom is to play games or take back a warranty or guarantee.

Would You Like Fries With That?

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Really, how many times a week do you fall for it? Every time you sell a product or service, offer an add-on, upgrade or back-end product to go with it. These products must be complimentary to and create a high perceived value for the original product purchased.

Avoid the Edge of the Cliff

Continuing to test and measure your systems, products, marketing methods and all other aspects of your business allows you to see problems before they happen and, therefore, avoid falling off the edge of the cliff.

Here are a few specific areas you can test for potential improvements:

  • Marketing
  • Sales Copy
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Letters
  • Sales Presentations
  • Employee-Customer Interaction

Through testing these different areas in your business, you will find products/services for which you can raise the price, other products for which you can lower the price or offer as an incentive item, and many other areas for improvement that will better utilize your current resources.

This wraps up our series on how to maximize on your current resources. Let us know if you need assistance with any of the items in this series.

Take care,

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