No Pre-existing Conditions and a 6-Month Grace Period with DAS

SSDCWe recently had a client who purchased DAS along with a voluntary STD plan offered by the agent. Six months later, this employee was diagnosed with a critical illness and had to stop working. She put in a claim on her STD policy and dealt with her health as best she could, but let her DAS policy lapse. There was way too much on her mind and was struggling to make ends meet.

The STD policy was for 6 months and was nearing the end of the payout and her chances of returning to work were very slim. She didn’t know what to do. She contacted the agent who reminded her she had purchased a DAS policy with the STD plan and even though she had not paid on it in 5 months, she was still covered under the grace period!

She activated a claim with us and we are now assisting her in getting SSDI payments and Medicare healthcare from the government.

DAS has no preexisting condition requirements and offers a 6-month grace period to our clients. We were able to bring significant help to this client who was facing severe economic loss and covered her even though she let her DAS policy lapse.

You can provide this type of service to your clients and/or employees too. Need a refresher, marketing materials or want to discuss how to approach clients? Just give me a shout!

Stacey Sagues

Philip Lewis