StatsonDisabilityAccording to the Counsel for Disability Awareness (CDA), 831,000 people have experienced a disability SO FAR THIS YEAR! Now consider some of the numbers of income protection and disabilities from the latest CDA survey:

  • 65% of working adults report having no private disability insurance.
  • Half of those surveyed said they’d tap savings or investments to pay their bills if they couldn’t work. However, 57% said they only had enough money to pay for 6 months or less of bills.
  • Most adults say savings and investments would be their number-one resource in the case of a disability; however, according to the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Census Bureau, only 38% have an emergency fund to fall back on.
  • Most disabling conditions occur OFF the job.
  • Medical problems contributed to 62% of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. in 2014 — an estimate of over 500,000. This is a 50% increase over results from a similar 2001 study.
  • 67% of respondents believed disability insurance was too expensive.

Think about your own situation for a moment. You may have a little money in savings, but how long would that last you if you were out of work? The same thing applies to your clients!

DAS costs $8 a month on a voluntary plan (even less for employer sponsored plans) and provides access to income, health care (Medicare regardless of age), and to retirement if necessary.

Learn how agents and brokers all over the U.S. are using DAS in their book of business to provide an affordable solution to large portions of their client base. If you are an employer, contact us as well. We can address this issue for your employees!

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