Over the past year or two we have introduced a unique concept to help save your self-funded plan on retiree healthcare costs. This is NOT Medicare Advantage or some other type of retiree plan, it is pure cost savings!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Pre-65 retirees have average costs 40% higher than employees of the same age.
  • Disabled retirees have average annual costs 70% higher than healthy retirees.
  • Retirees with Medicare reduce the cost to an employer plan by more than 80%.
  • Average spending by Medicare on inpatient and outpatient care per year is $10,350.
  • By identifying just one Pre-65 retiree as eligible for Medicare, the plan will save, on average, $52,000 in future medical costs (assuming 5 years until age 65).

Profit Enhancement Group’s one of a kind process in conjunction with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has saved our customers Billions.

No upfront fees and we are not selling anything. We are coordinating customers’ benefits with Federal benefits to shift cost liability WITHOUT negatively impacting the retirees!

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