I wanted to provide you an example of a long-time client of ours and the savings we continue to drive within their self-funded medical plan.

Results for a long-time customer, from a state on the East Coast, continue to provide significant value. We have been providing Medicare Coordination services for early retirees for this state since 2007, and it continues to provide significant savings after almost 10 years. The latest projections provided the following results:

Savings in 2016 Estimated Future Savings from 2016 Total Savings Since 2007 
$701,020.90 $5,042,159 $72,082,833

Since 2007 we have saved this state over $72 million dollars in health costs by shifting liability to Medicare! These savings are scalable and relative. For example, a city a tenth of the size as this state could experience over $7 million dollars in health care savings to their plans.

These are real savings and they do not negatively impact the employees in any way.

If you would like to learn more on how to offer this to your clients, or if you’re a large employer and would like to learn more, you can reach us at:

Stacey Sagues – Stacey@pegbenefits.com – 404-951-9023

Philip Lewis – Philip@pegbenefits.com – 713-823-8253